Previously known as GOTESLA.ca, we are a group of guys from Vancouver, B.C. that fell in love with Tesla, and its brilliant ideas for the future we all look forward to.

Back in 2015, one of our founders purchased a Model S for himself. He invited other bros to "experience the future" with him. At that moment, we sensed that one day Tesla will be the biggest vehicle maker in the world.

Fast forward to the present, we all know what hit us hard in 2020, but Tesla's business was booming like never before. In the same year, we created our first online store GOTESLA.ca, and changed to the current EVACA.ca not long after due to copyright awareness, which stands for "Electric Vehicle Accessories Canada". The actual reason we started this business was not that Tesla is extremely popular, but something most Tesla owners realize after they purchase one.

Model 3 is Tesla's most popular model across the world. After owning one of those, we start to realize one thing that most owners found out after purchasing: Tesla isn't as perfect as we thought it would be. 

Obviously, the vehicle itself and its self-driving technology are two of the greatest inventions in the 21st century, but the flaws in the design are very obvious as well: wind noises, water-leaking trunk, easy-scratched wheel rims, uncomfortable seats, unsatisfied speakers, expensive mats, lack of unique look, etc.

That is why we started our business in Feb 2020. Made by Tesla owners, to help Tesla owners. We have a clear idea of what are the most needed accessories/upgrades on Tesla. Our products can help you personalize and better your S/3/X/Y with ease. We test all of our products on our car to make sure everything fits perfectly. We also minimize the cost by using a warehouse in Burnaby BC instead of a store front. Making our online store that has the richest product range for Tesla accessories in Canada. Of course, with the best price as well.

Thank you for taking your time to know about us. We would love to chat with you through our contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi. We would like to thank everyone that supported our business in the past. We met many supportive Tesla owners and became friends after, and a lot of our product ideas are actually from them. It was such a pleasure and we are looking forward to a better future with Tesla. <3