Top Nine Best Protection Accessories for Model Y

Top Nine Best Protection Accessories for Model Y

It is the wintertime of the year again. As a company based in Vancouver, Canada, we are familiar with the rain, snow, and mud that come with it. 

As Tesla drivers, we want to give our Tesla the protection it deserves and further expand its lifetime. We recommend these products to provide complete protection for your Model Y.


Discover our 9 Best Protection Accessories for Model Y.


1. Model Y 2019-2022: Full All-Weather Floor/Frunk/Trunk

Mats Bundle Set (TPE or XPE 6pcs)

Our No.1 recommendation for the protection of the Model Y is our six pieces All-Weather Floor Mats Bundle at a discounted price!

A must-have for new owners! Two kinds of materials to choose from XPE and TPE.

XPE All-Weather Floor Mats Bundle

  • Environmentally friendly recyclable, waterproof, odorless, and sturdy material
  • 3D laser scan technology ensures perfect fitment
  • The 3-layers design offers water resistance, comfort, and safety.
  • Extremely lightweight, softer, and lighter compared to the TPE material
  • Flat anti-slip surface proven to get a grip when wet, perfect for the North American Region!
  • Minimalists will enjoy its simple yet high-quality design.

TPE All-Weather Floor Mats Bundle

  • Custom-designed and precision-engineered raised edges to ensure perfect fitment and protection against sand, dirt, mud, snow, spills, etc.
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy TPE offers maximum protection.
  • Easier to clean compared to the XPE floor mats
  • Perfect for families with kids, pets, and outdoor lovers

The frunk/trunk/trunk compartment mats only come in TPO material. Are they any worse than XPE or TPE materials? Certainly not. On the contrary, the TPO material fits in the storage compartments perfectly.

  • Made with heavy-duty, firm, and sturdy TPO rubber
  • Elevated edge to prevent dirt, scratches, spills, and more.
  • Vertical line design with textured finish to prevent cargo from moving around.
  • Excellent capability to transport your garden objects and construction materials to daily items.

Our XPE and TPE floor mats will give you peace of mind from all weather conditions. Both are easy to clean, rinse with water and wipe with a paper towel. 

One important thing to note is that the mats are free of unusual scents, cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC, so it is safe for you and your family. They are also 100% recyclable.

Product Link: Model Y 2019-2022: Full All-weather Floor/Frunk/Trunk Mats Bundle Set


2. Model Y: Underseat Corner Edge Protector Covers (9pcs)


Next, we have the Underseat Corner Edge Protector Covers custom-designed for the 2019-2022 Model Y. 

Looking closely at the under-seat edges, you may notice it is covered with a velvet-like material. Getting in and out of the car can cause scratch and dirt damage. However, with our protector covers, it can expand its lifetime and prevent wear on the hard-to-fix surface. 

Some key features to note for the Underseat Corner Edge Protector Covers:

  • Custom-designed for 2019-2022 Model Y.
  • Made with Durable ABS material.
  • Sturdy, firm, and lightweight.
  • Easy to install, the Velcro design sticks firmly onto the edges.
  • It comes in a total of 9 pieces.

*Note: It will not be compatible with our Underseat Storage Organizer Drawer Box

Product Link: Model Y: Underseat Corner Edge Protector Cover (9 PCs)


3. Model 3/Y: Armrest Protection Cover (Leather Cushion, TPE Rubber, Panel Box Cover)


One other product worth recommending for protection is our Armrest Protection Cover. We have three different types of products for you to choose from.

(1) Model 3/Y: Armrest Leather Cushion Cover


First up, we have the Armrest Leather Cushion Cover.

  • Custom-designed leather cushion cover for full coverage over the armrest.
  • Made with premium PU leather material
  • Soft, comfortable, durable, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • Pocket design on both sides for extra storage for phones, key fobs, keys, and other daily objects.
  • Compatible with our Hidden Armrest Storage Organizer. Product link: 
  • Suitable for all Model 3 and Model Y
  • Two colors variants: Black and White

Product Link: Model 3/Y: Armrest Leather Cushion Cover


(2) Model 3/Y: TPE Rubber Armrest Protection Cover


Next, we have the TPE Rubber Armrest Protection Cover.

It is one of our best-selling products due to its diamond pattern design which gives your Tesla a new and unique look on the interior but offers the same protection over the armrest leather surface.

  • Made with premium soft TPE material
  • Soft, durable, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean
  • Unique diamond pattern design creates an elegant and fresh look
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Suitable for all Model 3 and Model Y

Product Link: Model 3/Y: TPE Rubber Armrest Protection Cover


(3) Model 3/Y: Centre Console Armrest Panel Box Cover


Lastly, we have the Centre Console Armrest Panel Box Cover.

Carbon fibre enthusiasts will love this! See the pictures, and it will speak for itself, but the look is not the only thing it offers.

  • Made with premium ABS with high-quality, detailed carbon fibre print.
  • A durable and solid surface enhances the interior with a sporty and elegant look while offering strong protection
  • Carbon Fibre!
  • Simple installation: peel the double-sided tape, and it sticks on
  • Suitable for all Model 3 and Y
  • Three finishes variants: Gloss Carbon Fibre, Matte Carbon Fibre, and Matte Black

Product Link: Model 3/Y: Centre Console Armrest Panel Box Cover


4. Model 3/Y: Full/Half Back Seat Kick Protector Mats (2pcs)


Moving on, we have the Full/Half Back Seat Kick Protector Mats. Many families with kids love this product or Uber/Lyft drivers.

It offers protection from your passengers or when loading/unloading items.

  • Tailored and made with a synthetic leather surface with perfect fitment guaranteed.
  • Two design options: Full and Half. 

- Half: covers the front backseat, preventing marks and damages from the rear passenger's shoes. 

- Full: in addition to the half version, it gives further protection from kids kicking the booster seats.

  • The full cover version comes with a backseat pocket which creates extra storage, while the back cover version doesn't come with a pocket, but it will not cover the original pocket for accessibility.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The package includes two backseat cover mats.

Product Link: Model 3/Y: Full/Half Backseat Kick Protector Mats (2 PCs)


5. Model Y: TPO Rear Back Seat Cover Mats (3pcs)

Our No.5 recommendation is the TPO Rear Back Seat Cover mats.

If you ever have large items to carry or want to put the seats down and make the trunk space into a resting area, you may want to consider getting this. 

It is made with the same TPO material as our trunk mats, so it shares all its excellent qualities.

  • Designed specifically for all Model Y
  • Premium grade TPO material; environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, odorless
  • Durable and sturdy against dirt, scratches, etc.
  • Easy installation: the Velcro mechanism will ensure it stays in place
  • The package includes three pieces of mats
  • Suitable for both 5 seaters and 7 seater's second row Model Y

Product Link: Model Y: TPO Rear Backseat Cover Mats (3 PCs)


6. Model Y: TPE Soft Door Side Storage Inserts (4pcs)


This selection is one of the products Tesla owners usually look to replace the original, the TPE Soft Door Side Storage Inserts.

Tesla initially provided the owners with a rubber pad at the bottom of the side door. Sure, it gives the ability for items not easily moved around and some minimal protection; but ours offer you the full capability for protection.

  • Custom-designed using 3D scan technology to ensure perfect fitment
  • Soft, waterproof TPE material to protect against damages from spills and dirt
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Simple installation and removal; insert each piece into its corresponding door

Product Link: Model Y: TPE Soft Door Side Storage Inserts (4 PCs)


7. Model Y: Rear Trunk Side Storage Bins with Flocked Lids (4pcs) 5 seaters or 7 seaters


We have discovered six protection products for Model Y, yet there is more!

This one is not exactly the "protection only" type of product; it also gives you extra storage.

The Rear Trunk Side Storage Bins come with Flocked Lids that can prevent items from falling into the space but also give you the ability to hide your valuable belongings.

  • It fits perfectly into the left and right trunk side storage area
  • It lets you store your valuable items or daily objects
  • Bins are made with lightweight, waterproof, industrial-grade TPE material

          Lids come with a flocked fabric cover that blends nicely into the trunk

  • Package includes 2x storage bins, 2x lid covers

*Note: This product will not fit the newest 2022 September Performance Model Y with a trunk cover. Long Range Model Y is not affected.

Product Link (5 seaters): Model Y: Rear Trunk Side Storage Bins + Flocked Lids (4 PCs)

Product Link (7 seaters): Model Y 7 Seaters: Rear Trunk Side Storage Bins + Flocked Lids (4 PCs)


8. Model Y: Retractable Cargo Trunk Cover


Many SUV owners love the retractable cargo trunk cover; it serves a great purpose for your trunk area, preventing window smasher and keeping your valuable items secured.

This is the reason we provide you our Retractable Cargo Trunk Cover.

  • Protect your belongings, prevent break-ins, and keep your items private
  • Made with durable, high-quality canvas
  • Retractable and detachable spring-loaded crossbar for different daily purposes
  • No drilling or screwing is required. Easy installation.
  • The package includes four base mounts and one retractable cover.
  • Fits all 5-seaters and 7-seaters Model Y.

Product Link: Model Y: Retractable Cargo Trunk Cover


9. Model 3/Y: Touch Screen Protector

Talking about protection, we cannot leave the Touch Screen Protector unlisted.

Your touch screen is where you interact with your Tesla, and if any damage ever occurs, it could cost you thousands of dollars for replacement, much like your smartphone's screen.

  • Prevent damages from scratches and dirt
  • It keeps its functionality and finger sensitivity
  • Made with sturdy and durable tempered glass; easy to clean and will not break easily
  • Two finishes: Matte and Clear
  • Easy to install; please refer to the product site for installation instructions.

Product Link: Model 3/Y: Touch Screen Protector


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