Top Seven Best-Selling Storage Organizer Accessories for Model 3 & Model Y

Top Seven Best-Selling Storage Organizer Accessories for Model 3 & Model Y

Have you been enjoying the perks of your Tesla Model 3 or Y? Loving the acceleration and its elegant design? Or have you just picked up your Tesla as a new owner?

One thing you may have experienced is that although it does provide storage space in the Tesla, it does not give you full functionality of the area. It is one big box at the centre console, and the OEM armrest organizer is slightly too tight for everyday use.

Furthermore, there are some secret spots you would not think could be used as storage space, such as one at the rear passenger seats and underneath the armrest; we can help transform that space into a storage compartment!


Let me introduce you to our Top Seven Best-Selling Storage Organizer Accessories for your Model 3 and Model Y.


1. Model 3/Y 2022: XL Centre Console Organizer (ABS, Flocked Fabric)


Suppose you want to improve the storage space in the centre console area. In that case, we have the XL Centre Console Organizer for your needs. It comes in two material types: ABS and Flocked Fabric. 

Each has its advantage; the ABS comes with a black rubber pad at the bottom; the Flocked Fabric offers a velvety texture and a soft touch similar to the inner compartments. 

The XL version adds extra storage space for daily items such as phones, coins, cards, wallets, and sunglasses, making it easily accessible. 

* Compatible with the 2021- 2022 Model 3/Y with refresh console only.

Product link: Model 3/Y 2022: XL Centre Console Organizer


2. Model 3/Y: Armrest Storage Organizer


Next up, we have the Armrest Storage Organizer compatible with both Model 3 and Y in all generations.

It is designed to ensure perfect fitment, sturdiness, and durability.


It adds extra storage space for your daily items at a reachable distance, such as keys, coins, phones, and more., meanwhile keeping everything tidy and well organized.

Our Armrest Storage Organizer is more expansive and offers more space than the OEM one from Tesla. It also has a pre-cut area on the side to prevent blocking the 12V power outlet.


Like our XL Centre Console Organizer, it comes in two materials: ABS or Flocked Fabric.


The ABS has a simple and fresh design and black rubber pads at the bottom. The Flocked Fabric offers a smooth texture similar to the inner compartments.

Product link: Model 3/Y: Armrest Storage Organizer


3. Model3/Y: XL Armrest Storage Box


In addition to the Armrest Storage Organizer mentioned above, we have the XL Armrest Storage Box.

The XL Armrest Storage Box provides maximum storage capacity in the armrest area.


Compared to other armrest organizers, this one offers a deeper compartment where you can store bigger and more items. It also has an open slot on the side to prevent blocking the 12V power outlet.

It comes in two types of materials: ABS with rubber pads or Flocked Fabric. 

Product link: Model 3/Y: XL Armrest Storage Box


4. Model 3/Y: Hidden Armrest Organizer 


Are you looking for more space in the armrest area? No problem, we’ve got it!


Here is one gem worth recommending: the Hidden Armrest Organizer.


If you’re looking to store some valuable belongings in your Tesla while shopping or just any activity, our Hidden Armrest Organizer will give you peace of mind!


It is placed underneath the armrest with double-sided tapes to ensure stability and in a spot where it is not easily located for theft prevention. It gives you full advantage of your armrest area. 

Compatible with all generation Model 3 and Model Y.

Product link: Model 3/Y: Hidden Armrest Organizer


5. Model Y: Underseat Storage Organizer Drawer Box


Now that we have covered most of the storage organizer for both Model 3 and Y at the centre console and armrest area. Here we have the Underseat Storage Organizer Drawer custom-design for Model Y.

Our Underseat Storage Organizer Drawer creates extra storage perfect for your daily objects under the driver and passenger seats.

It can be hidden under the seat to keep your belongings secured and to prevent window smasher. It is made of premium, durable ABS, with a flocked fabric finish on the inner layer, which blends nicely with the vehicle. 

It also comes with foam on the side to prevent scratches and allows you to pull in and out the drawer for easy access.


It is suitable for both the driver and passenger seat. This item is sold individually, but you will get a discount for buying two!

*This product will not be compatible with our “Underseat Corner Edge Protector Cover.”

*Suitable for Model Y only

Product link: Single - Model Y: Underseat Storage Organizer Drawer Box

                           Duo - Model Y: Underseat Storage Organizer Drawer Box


6. Model Y: Rear Passenger Centre Console Storage Bin


Have you ever noticed a gap between the back of the driver and passenger seat, under the rear centre console area, and wondered if that is a waste of space?

We have thought of that and have something for you for even more storage space!

We recommend the Rear Passenger Centre Console Storage Bin.


It is custom designed for Model Y and fits perfectly under the rear centre console area, which creates extra storage for you and your passengers’ needs. 

Similar to our other storage organizers, this one is made with premium and durable ABS and with a flocked fabric inner layer. The storage bin also comes with a flocked fabric lid to cover and hide your valuable items.

It is easy to install. Use the Velcro strips to hold it in place!

*Suitable for Model Y only

*This product may not fit properly if you have higher-lip floor mats that cover the edge.

Product link: Model Y: Rear Passenger Centre Console Storage Bin


7. Model 3 2021-2022: Frunk Storage Organizer


Lastly, we have the Frunk Storage Organizer for the 2021-2022 Model 3 with a heat pump version.

The Frunk Storage Organizer has handles on both sides for easier carrying and cleaning.

It is made with premium durable ABS material for sturdiness and firmness while being lightweight. 

It offers multiple separate spaces for storing your daily items. Keep your frunk neat and easily carriable.

And it comes with a net to attach the hook to each corner to cover and hold your items in place.

Product link: Model 3 2021-2022: Frunk Storage Organizer

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