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Model 3/Y: Teslogic Mobile Dashboard Display + Wireless Charging

Model 3/Y: Teslogic Mobile Dashboard Display + Wireless Charging

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  • As Tesla drivers, we felt uncomfortable with the lack of a dashboard in front of our eyes. This could be especially inconvenient on long trips. That is why people at Teslogic developed their own transmitter and app. The transmitter connects to two can buses and turns a phone into a full-on instrument cluster.
  • By connecting to Teslogic's mobile app, you will have access to different screen features, that can finally help you see clearly how your Tesla work.
  • • Main screen allows you to track the current speed, autopilot modes, current trip distance, power and battery of your Tesla.
    • Energy consumption screen shows a detailed picture of how different vehicle systems consume power. You can monitor power redistribution in real-time and try to optimize consumption.
    • Performance screen gives you all performance mode data regardless of your Tesla version. No need to buy any special device, you can check the dynamic acceleration and drag time at any moment.
    • Car data screen displays all needed info about your car, most of which you can't find in Tesla's interface (actual condition of the battery, how much energy was received during the entire life of the car, how much was spent while parked, etc.)
    • Navigation map screen based on Google Maps, which has much more up-to-date data than Tesla's maps. On this screen, you can also always see the current speed, speed limit and autopilot mode.
  • This version includes a wireless charging stand, works with Magesafe, and also comes with a magnetic ring for Androids or older iPhones.
  • Easy installation. DIY design and non-destructive installation, as all connectors are plug-in type and fit the OEM connectors. Will not affect the warranty. For the installation guide, please click here.

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